Take Part In Mcdonalds Survey & Win Rewards

Mcdvoice con survey, : Since you are a regular visitor in Mcdonalds, then you might have heard about the customer satisfaction survey at McDvoice. If you like to participate in these type of surveys then there are many important things to be noted. So we are explaining important things about that will be very helpful to any customer who wants to take McDonald’s survey.


As we know Mcdonalds is one of the popular fast food restaurant chains around the globe. As they are growing bigger they wanted to know about the opinions of the services with customer satisfaction program. They came up with a survey which consists of general questions and answers about the services provided by them during their visit at one of the outlet.


The first ever restaurant was found in the year 1940 that too in San Bernardino, California. The founders of the restaurant are Richard and Maurice Mcdonald. The only headquarter of the restaurant is in Oak Brook, Illinois, US.  Mcdonalds is very much famous for hamburgers they sell cheeseburgers, chicken products, french fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, milkshakes, wraps, desserts. In response to the tastes and negative opinions of the unhealthy foods, the company also added salads, fish, smoothies, and fruit in their menu.


Mcdvoice.Con serves nearly 40,000 restaurants around the world.  It also the second largest fast-food restaurant chain just after subway. It also the fastest growing fast food chain and they are serving more than 90 million people on daily basis across 121 countries. Mcdonalds is famous for burgers and it sold nearly  4 millions of hamburgers at first outlet.

About Mcdvoice Con survey- At McDvoice the only thing is given top priority is customer satisfaction survey. Where customers give feedback about the services at the outlet that is the price of the food, cleanliness, wifi, behavior and other questions about quality. And this is available only with the valid receipt that should not be older than 7 days and after completing this you get reward points that can be used on next purchase.


If you are thinking that filling the survey will be a waste of time then you are wrong. Your valuable feedback will help the company a lot. Mcdonald is a brand restaurant that always brings new items to their menu and updates them on frequently. To know more than whether they are providing a good service to their customers they need that valuable feedback, and that is the main reason behind the conducting of the survey. And that’s what makes it different from other organizations in the market around the globe.


Mcdonalds always want feedback of their customers about the services they experienced in a recent visit. In exchange of your feedback ,opinion  and suggestions you’ll get a coupon code by which you can order free sandwiches or any other McDonalds meal on your next visit to Mcdonalds outlet.


The most important rules in the survey are listed ted below. These rules are very much important and everybody should be very much honest in answering the survey asked.

  • You should have the recent receipt of any McDonald outlet. Never throw it, always keep it with you so that you get a chance to participate.
  • The survey is online so you much have an internet connection on your pc or smartphone. You should visit the official survey site
  • The age restriction applies here as you should be 15 or more to participate.
  • The survey is in two languages mainly English or Spanish. And answers should be in these two languages.
  • There is survey limitation per month. You can participate in 5 surveys per month.
  • Participation should be within 30 days of the visit.


To win free meals or get free coupons on Mcdonald you need to complete a short survey from the official website We have mentioned some important things to participate and guide you to take part in survey easily. We have listed the complete procedures on how to submit the feedback at

  1. Keep the receipt for your purchase as you need receipt number for participating.
  2. Note the survey code from receipt slip.
  3. Visit the official website of Mcdonalds Survey site –, This means they love to hear feedbacks about there service.
  4. To start with entering 26 digit survey code which was noted earlier.
  5. After your survey is validated they will ask some easy questions which will be based on your visit.
  6. Answer the questions honestly.
  7. After completing the survey you will receive a validation code.
  8. The Code can be used for next visit.
  9. It is recommended to write down the unique code at the back of your receipt and carry with you whenever you visit McDonald’s.
  10. On your next purchase show the code and get free food.


Once you have completed your honest feedback you will be rewarded with offers straightaway. There are some rules to be followed by rewards –

  • Must be 15 years or above to apply or demand.
  • Must be resident of the United States or Columbia District.
  • Must carry unique code after completing the survey which will gift you free foods.
  • The code can be used within a week. And only 5 surveys are allowed per month.


McDonald’s Headquarters Address:- McDonald’s Corporation,

2111 McDonald’s Dr,

Oak Brook, IL 60523,

United States.

McDonald’s Phone Number : 1-800-244-6227


Many time you can face some minor problems while accessing the website in that case you can visit friendly version to avoid the problems. If your issues are big safe we recommend you to contact Mcdonald Customer service help.

That’s everything for today we really think that this mentioned information on this website about the McDvoice.con will surely help you with survey details and discounts on your next visit. All the information collected are used for the betterment of the services provided by Mcdonalds.

Mcdvoice con doesn’t exist actually it is misspelled for the official site of mcdonald’s voice survey that is but some people search it as instead of mcdvoice com since they believe that it is the actual spelling for knowing about what is mcdvoice survey and even google won’t say that mcdvoice con is incorrect spelling since it gets thousands of searches with that spelling only so the google algorithm believes that it is also a word that actually exist.

Conclusion : We have given all the possible information on mcdvoice customer satisfaction survey and mcdvoice con customer service,how to participate in mcdonald’s feedback survey,steps to participate in the survey,rules and regulations you need to follow and how to get mcdonald’s free coupons e.t.c If you have any doubts on these topics or need more information on mcdonalds restaurant,menu please feel free to contact us via contact us page.Thanks for reading our article and if you are satisfied with the above information please do share it with your friends and help them to gain some knowledge about this topic.Soon we will update how to get 100$ mcdonalds coupon for free.